Mission Man: Hip-Hop Without Ego (since 1992)

Hello! My name is Gary, and I go by Mission Man when I'm making music. I make hip-hop music without ego. I started rapping in 1992, and started playing drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, and producing my own music in 1998/1999. Thanks for stopping by my website!

Here are some of my best songs on Spotify:

Listen to "RnR Playdate (live)" on Spotify. A group of very talented musicians collaborated with me on this unique live album.

Here are iTunes links to my most popular songs:
Chillin' at the Papa
Playin' a Little Basketball
Do What You Love
Love Funk and Soul
Time To Make It Happen
Open Mic
No Ego
I Don't Need
With Love We Find Hope
A Little About Me
Low Stress Diet and
the album, "RnR Playdate (live)".

Rewards on my IndieGogo campaign range from copies of the new album to t-shirts to downloading my entire collection, 12 studio albums including "Zachariah Sebastian," and a live album. That's 13 total albums (over 200 songs!) for $50. Every physical perk (CD, t-shirt) includes a Mission Man sticker! You can also see tour highlights there.



liberty island

31 Hours Til What?


Put Down The Pen

Antis Trype

A Different Kid

Out Of The Shadows


Delve Deeper

Intro To My Mind (Reintroduction)

Digital Box Set

192 songs for $50!

All albums are $5 to download or $10 (including shipping) for the physical CD. Hit "buy now" to download, or "add to cart" for CD purchase. Or Download all 11 of my albums for free here!

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