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liberty island

31 Hours Til What?


Put Down The Pen

Antis Trype

A Different Kid

Out Of The Shadows


Delve Deeper

Intro To My Mind (Reintroduction)

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I started rapping in 1992, and started performing in 1998. Also during 1998 and 1999, I started teaching myself to play instruments and produce my own music. I have since performed hundreds of times, in over 15 states within the US, plus an open mic in Tokyo in 2009. I have quit my job multiple times to focus solely on music, but have never been able to make a living from my music. There have been a total of 3 or 4 months in that entire time where music was even profitable, but I still make music and perform because I love it, and I still want to make a living from it. You can help make that possible by listening on Spotify (I average about 1/2 penny each time you listen to a song on there), by buying my music on iTunes (I get 65 cents out of every 99 cent download, so that's a great way to financially help me live my dream), or just by generally spreading the word. Thank you so much for helping me continue my dream after 21+ years of pursuing it.
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